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Welcome to Wavesecond Design Studio!

We are a business that brings vision and life to your dreams. As we seek to incorporate the passion that you exude for your ideas, our goal is to provide customers with value that will stand the test of time. Determine to create nothing but the best; we act mainly in the capacity of developing and inspiring an effect avenue for your idea's technological genesis. This is the age for an innovative start. Help us to help you capture every detail of that dream you have always been so passionate about.

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Stay true to your dream. This is the greatest treasure in your pocket.


Nothing in this life is truly original, but everything eventually connects.


Invest in creating a product that is not only good, but one that is perpetual.


Delivery is everything! And your success starts from an effective first impression.

Our Projects

CxInvestor - forex strategy for beginners


Currency eXchange Investor is designed for beginners in forex trading and provides tools for successful currency investing:

This is an excellent application if you wish to practice investing in currency exchange (forex trading). Check our virtual trades or create your own virtual portfolio just in one click and watch your profit growing as currency rates change. No real money involved, see terms.

Forex News Trader - Analyze and Trade Forex News


  • Statistics and Correlation

    Do you need comprehensive statistics of US Employment or have you ever wondered how US Unemployment Rate correlates with US Federal Funds Rate?
  • Impact of Economic Reports

    Are you interested in stats of how Economic Reports impact currency pairs, e.g. how EUR/USD usually reacts on US Employment Data (5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day after the report)?
  • Forex News Testing and Trading

    Do you want to test different scenarios entering and exiting trades during and after US NFP report (e.g. open a position 5 minutes after the report and close 1 hour later)?
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